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Who is OutSDR+?

Native of Charlotte, North Carolina born and raised in Charlotte Mecklenburg County. OutSDR+ (real name Keyon Coleman) was always known to entertain. With some of his detailed memories for trouble stemming from talking to much or wanting to be the center of attention he always had an approachable and addictive personality that was destined for entertainment!


With the start of his rapping career in the beginning of 2019, he debuted his first project ‘Sincerely’ with the artist name ‘Kozy Cole’. With the constant comparison and mentioning of his music mentor J. Cole he made the decision to change his artist name to Outsdr+. When questioned about the reasoning behind the name change and what this name meant to him, he answered, “due to the time in which I decided to pursue music, I don’t consider myself the “typical” millennial rapper... I just feel I have my own purpose, my own story and my own identity that I can’t categorize with the rappers of my era”.


Since the name change he has delivered 2 singles and 2 compilation albums titled ‘Genesis’ that gathered all of his original released songs as ‘Kozy Cole’ and “Not An Album EP” that released 1 December 2019. With such a short time between his debut in February 2019 he has released a catalog of timeless music that’s led to rapid increase of exposure gaining over 7,500 Instagram followers, 20,000+ streams, and countless recognition from some of the most highly respected moguls in the industry of music!


“I will not stop until I impact 99.9% of the world.. thats my promise!” - OutSDR+

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